Hostgator vs Namecheap

Namecheap and Hostgator are renowned web hosting companies. In our postmodern, internet driven and cyber-technical world, nearly every company is engaged in efforts to stand out and have a widespread presence. Same thing applies to the mentioned web hosting companies. Both provide excellent,high quality web hosting services, but in order to clearly establish which of the two deserves the coveted award of the best web hosting company, comprehensive and detailed examination on Hostgator vs Namecheap is necessary. Every customer deserves such information in order to clearly make intelligent decisions when it comes to web hosting.

Hostgator vs Namecheap

Pricing and packages

Namecheap brings with it 4 web hosting plans. Value, the cheapest plan costs $3.98/month. Coming pretty close is the Professional plan which goes for $7.98/month. Both Ultimate and Business SSD plans go for $13.98 and $19.98 respectively.

On the other hand, Hostgator, prominent for affordable web hosting, boasts of three plans: Hatchling, Baby and Business. Hatchling retails at $4.95/month while both Baby and Business plans go for $9.95/month and $14.95/month. They actually have their cheapest plan going for as low as $3.71/month. This is 25% off the initial price. It’s available when one applies for the coupon code BWH25 percent. Furthermore, you will also have access to free templates, scripts and complete Google AdWords credits.

Although both services seem affordable, it’s pretty clear Hostgator is way too cheaper and comprises additional services and freebies.


In an effort to optimize their performances, both companies have highly invested in infastructure and systems. Hostgator, for instance, can route all customers’ information all over the world through its extra 23 data centers. This has been made possible through the CloudFlare content delivery service.

On the hand, Namecheap has data centers situated in both UK and US. Both are adequately equipped to offer excellent services. It boasts of CloudLinux, a service that provides its esteemed users a software platform,stable and resilient, to aid in network uptime and enhance loading speed.

However, most Namecheap users have cited slower loading speeds attributed to prolonged server response time. Statistics indicate, for the last 30 days, an average of 99.9% network uptime and 338ms when it comes to page loading time for Hostgator.

Inconveniences experienced with Namecheap have been key to making Hostgator stand out as the premier convenient web hosting company.What’s more? You can easily guess now.


Despite both companies having certain features in common, a closer look at few other aspects clearly distinguishes them. Nearly all Hostgator packages come with unlimited domains, email accounts, MySQL databases and FTP accounts.

Hostgator managed plans come with 4.500 free website templates and site builder software, cPanel, MySQL transfer, domain transfer and 52 scripts.

A closer comparison of Hostgator vs Namecheap cheapest plans, for instance, indicates Namecheap has limited disk space, at 25GB, compared to Hostgator which has unlimited disk space. The email addresses and MySQL databases are unlimited too.

PostgreSQL, PHP 5, ruby on rails, perl, FTP Access are all enabled, compared to Namecheap which only has PHP 5 amd FTP access enabled.

Well,as we have observed, Hostgator has more additional features, freebies and an array of consumer friendly packages. Not only does this make them outstanding, but also more attractive to the customers.

Technical support

Namecheap has been known to offer customer support services via two ways only: email and chat. It’s sort of disappointing to note that there are no-free calls with Namecheap. Nevertheless, they still offer self support channels such as how to videos, knowledgebase and also community forums.

On the other hand, hostgator has scooped several awards for the best technical support. With a diverse range of ways to access support- chat, email, phone; and additional helpful resources like community forums, billing systems, video tutorials and many others, its undeniable that customers experience excellent services and have close to nothing to complain about.


Observing the above comprehensive analysis on Hostgator vs Namecheap, it’s indeed evident that Hostgator offers more cost-effective, friendly and extra services compared to Namecheap.

Reviews obtained from popular sites such as indicate namecheap has only managed to gather a mere 2 out of 5 rating.

DailyHostNews, WordPress and Joomla have all recognized Hostgator and awarded it as the best web hosting .With a 97% customer satisfaction rate, it’s crystal clear Hostgator makes the premier web hosting company.