Hostgator vs Justhost

Choosing among the array of options of webhosts for your website can be one tedious task to take on. The huge number of webhosting sites and companies available online without clear-cut differences makes it really tricky to make a wise decision on who to trust with your website’s hosting. Fortunately, though, HostGator and JustHost are two webhosting companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Getting the difference between these two proves to be a tough assignment and that’s why we attempted to compare hosting in both to help you come up with a better ultimate decision.

Hostgator vs Justhost

To begin with, HostGator has been in business since 2002 and has served more than five million domain names for hosting ever since. Its offices and equipment are powered by entirely renewable and green wind energy which makes them a responsible and environmentally friendly option to pick on. This has, as a consequence, made it to constantly rank among the top webhosting companies as well as win a number of consumer awards at a global level.

On the other side, JustHost has been in business since 2007 and it simply comes second to HostGator in terms of experience. JustHost has served a lot of domain names as well but still cannot compare to HostGator mainly due to the 5-years in business difference that favors HostGator. Another thing that counts against JustHost is the fact that they do not entirely depend on green and renewable energy as their source of power and that makes them to be considered environmentally unfriendly.

Considering uptime in HostGator vs JustHost, again HostGator wins, though by a very low margin, with their industry leading 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostGator, in a study to measure daily uptime and time, completely outdid JustHost by continuing to have surprisingly consistent numbers throughout the 30 days of the test.

Control Panel

Both JustHost and HostGator use cPanel, the most popular control panel system in today’s webhosting. cPanel eases the process of installing and toggling extensions and add-ons to your website. The responsiveness of this control panel is incredibly high and it generally makes life easier. On JustHost, one of the downsides to the slower server times is that frequent access to the control panel would be quite slow and some changes would even time out during the editing process. HostGator emerges the winner on this as its server response times were inch-faster than the JustHost system.


Considering plans for hosting in HostGator vs JustHost, there is only one to choose from in HostGator. It requires a $3.75 a month fee and comes with unlimited GB of bandwidth and hosting space. Users of this webhost will also be able to register a one year free domain and get unlimited add-on domains to their websites. The same package from HostGator is a little bit higher starting at a fee of $4.95 a month with the introductory package not including SSL security or unlimited domains, features you could get on JustHow at a cheaper cost. HostGator packages that have the same features as JustHost come at a higher price of up to $9.99 a month.


In terms of value in HostGator vs JustHost, JustHost appears a clear winner, but inconsistent uptimes, less established time and slower response times simply cancels out the value advantage. For now it would be hard trying to dispute the better established environmentally conscious and highest uptime HostGator. Generally, though, the two are ahead of the competition.