Hostgator vs Hosting24

Hostgator has been on the hosting business for a long time. Hosting24, however, is a bit new. This is not to say they are not good with their offers but to be sincere, there are limitations at most. There are tones of reasons you should go for with Hostgator as there is still no major competition against it to begin with.

Hostgator vs Hosting24

What people always want is a reliable and flexible hosting service where they can change the way their website behave and maximize usage of all the resources invested on the solutions provided. Many people also want to track the performance of their websites in real-time after they make the said changes.

Hosting24 gives you the ability to create as many sub domains as you wish if you go for the Gold option. That means that basic plans limit you most of the time. You will still have traffic limits though.
Hostgator has flexible offerings including the reseller packages or the basic options. You are allowed to add unlimited sub domains. You also get unlimited data, which is great for video and audio streaming websites.

Hosting24 classes its offerings the same way many hosting providers do. If for example you want to enjoy the best offerings, you have to go with the Gold subscription. However, you will still have speed limits come your way.
Hostgator gives you the option to even begin a hosting service provision yourself. In this case, you can start earning by hosting websites at an additional charge that will eventually reduce the costs of hosting your own website.

In summary, you get better value for money with Hostgator.

Up Time
Hostgator has an average up time of 99.99% which is just ideal for each website. As much as this is hard to be the case with hosting services such as Hosting24, it is an absolute requirement if you want to keep your visitors happy.

Response Time
Hosting24 would do well if they increased their data center capacity. It seems too many accounts are being hosted on a single server and this has led to slow website response times.
Hostgator hosts many mainstream websites and this translates to the great response time such websites have. That is why majority of the top websites will always have better uptime too.
Slow response time may irritate a visitor and this increases the bounce rate from the website. It can be extremely detrimental in the long run, if search engines notice such activity.

Dedicated IP
With Hostgator, you get dedicated IP. If you are a marketing expert, you already know what this means for the website’s success.

Registration of New Domains and Customer Support Experience

Hosting24’s new domain registration process takes 24-48 hours. This is a long time if you value your time. In addition, it may mean that making timely changes may take much longer than you anticipate.
Hosting24’s customer support mostly takes long to respond especially during the weekends.

Hostgator’s customer support provides a live chat for its customers. This is a great incentive and an invaluable one for the customers because that the responses you get are always exactly what you are seeking. It also takes a shorter time to register new domains.

To sum up Hostgator vs Hosting24 contest, Hostgator is undoubtedly the overall winner.