Hostgator vs Fatcow

When selecting a web hosting service provider it is important to carry out a thorough side by side comparison. This will make it easy for you to choose the best provider that is more likely to satisfy all the needs you could be having. The following review largely focuses on the differences between HostGator and FatCow web hosting services in terms of; reliability, customer satisfaction rate, features, technical support and hosting prices. From the review it will be clear to see that the benefits of HostGator clearly outweigh those of FatCow.

Hostgator vs Fatcow

Web hosting prices

HostGator provides a wide range of products that include VPS hosting, dedicated and shared web hosting. Among these services, shared web hosting comprises of three packages named Business, Hatchling and Baby that are priced from $4.95 per month. New customers are welcomed with an exclusive discount of 25% by the company when they use the checkout coupon; thereby bring down the price to $3.71 per month. On the other hand, FatCow current promotion places its price at $3.14/mo but its regular price can be as high as $9.5/mo. This definitely gives HostGator the upper hand as far as affordability is concerned.

Uptime and Speed

FatCow and HostGator guarantee a 99.9% uptime, with both of them trying extremely hard to honor the commitment by heavily investing on facility maintenance and the development of sophisticated technologies. However, HostGator seems to be taking its game to a higher level as opposed to FatCow. Lately, HostGator has been enjoying an excellent partnership with SoftLayer and Dell companies which has resulted to an outstanding security system, high performers servers and 24/7 server monitoring on its side. All these ingredients have been very significant in ensuring that all the websites hosted by this server are running more smoothly and consistently than those of FatCow.

Technical support

Both HostGator and FatCow companies allow their customers to gain access to their dedicated human powered support teams through various ways such as email, live chat and phone. Customers are assured of being attended to, whenever they ask for help at any time of the day or night from both companies. Despite this being the case, a credible survey carried out recently indicates that the average waiting time for support from FatCow is around 90 seconds: On the other hand HostGator average response time is less than 50 seconds. Both are quite okay, and professional, but HostGator is still better even when on the basis of technical support.


Considering the benefits of HostGator vs FatCow web hosting companies, it would be honest to conclude that the latter is undoubtedly the better option. This is because it is more reliable, faster and rich in awesome features that cater for all your needs. The verdict is also based on the fact that HostGator has a large customer base after being in business in the last 13 years. FatCow’s seventeen years of business have seen them only managing to host over 30,000 sites. To cut the story short, HostGator is definitely the better company of the two; you need to count to assist you in dealing with all your web hosting issues.