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Hostgator Coupon Codes – All the top Hostgator Webhosting Coupon Codes and Discounts of the year. Save up to 75% with these hostgator promo codes.

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Hostgator is one of the leading companies in web hosting. The company has lots of free tools that help users manage websites on their own. The tools offered includes Joomla, Cpanel, WordPress, etc. those creating websites for the first time will find Hostgator features a must use. One of the main advantages of Hostgator is the availability of coupons that helps you save money. This is achieved when signing up for an internet hosting plan with Hostgator. The coupon codes enable you save some money as Hostgator offers discount to users with coupon codes.

Hostgator Coupons

How to use Hostgator domain Coupon Codes

The first step is to identify a blog or website that hosts Hostgator domain coupon codes. After the identification, the coupon should be is worth noting that the coupons come in different types such as 25% and 20% off coupon. After copying the coupon codes from the blogs that host Hostgator reviews, you should proceed to the main website of Hostgator where you will get to choose the plan that fits you best. There are quite a number of plans to choose from, unlike other web hosting companies that offer a single scheme.

Some of the plans offered by Hostgator include hatchling plan, baby plan and business plan. These plans are of great benefit in that they have their features that set them apart. Their features are as follows:

1. Hatchling plan
This plan provides Hostgator users with a single domain, disk space and bandwidth that are unlimited. It also offers an SSL certificate that is shared.

2. Baby plan
It also provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space and SSL certificate that are shared. The other advantage of using the baby plan is that it provides unlimited domains.

3. Business plan
This plan differs significantly with the hatching and baby plans in that it has its private SSL, IP and toll-free number. This plan is ideal for those building websites for selling products.

Steps to follow when using Hostgator domain coupon codes

The first step is to choose a domain name. The customer has two options, that is, choose a new domain name for his plan or use an existing one. After entering the domain name, you should scroll down and look for a certain field that asks for the coupon code. The coupon code that was copied earlier on should be pasted here. The next step is about billing information where you get to fill your account details. Afterwards, you should log in and get to explore your domain.

Hostgator webhosting discount codes are of great benefit to web developers. However, it is highly recommended that one should first decide on the kind of web hosting package that he or she requires. The hosting packages should never be chosen on the basis of the available coupons as this could result in more payments. You should decide on the appropriate package that suits you best before looking for the coupon code. You should also ensure that the coupon code is active as many are past their use by date.


Hostgator vs HostMonster

When looking for a web hosting company the search results are endless across the web. It can be difficult to know which company has what and more importantly if they have what you’re looking for. If you’re struggling to find a webhosting company then Host Gator could be a great option for you. Hostgator vs HostMonster reveal several similarities, but features like server capabilities lead HostGator to the top each time. Below we’ll compare the features of these two services to help you to choose the best service for you. After all when it comes to web hosting you’ll want a reliable service that can push your blog or business to the top. Read on to learn more about your options for webhosting and the scalability of each product for your site.

Hostgator vs HostMonster

First let’s look at Hostgator vs HostMonster a little more closely to see how they stack up against the competition in their field. HostGator is an incredibly popular web hosting site that has helped many bloggers to maintain their blogs overtime, even during periods of rapid growth. With quick loading speeds, dedicated servers, great backups with cooling features, and a low monthly price HostGator has you covered. This service can provide continuous hosting for your blog or website without the threat of interrupted service due to their outstanding servers and backup system that are working for you day and night throughout the year.

Now we move on to HostMonster to see how they compare with our other option as far as features and pricing are concerned. HostMonster is another web hosting service that offers reliable hosting for your blog or website in a reliable format. However this service does not scale well and you may find that you outgrow this hosting service quite quickly if you expect your blog or business to experience rapid growth. With most of the great features that HostMonster has, the main drawback is the small database associated with this web hosting package. As mentioned it may make future growth quite difficult for some blog owners. Otherwise this service performs comparably to other web hosting services on the market today for bloggers or small websites.

As you can see both of these web hosting services are comparable in most ways in regards to the features that they are offering when looking at Hostgator vs HostMonster. They are similar in price and quality, but there is one major difference between the two. HostGator has a much larger database giving your blog or website a great deal of room to grow. If you are using HostMonster you may have to switch to a new web hosting platform in a few years due to issues with growth. Their database simply does not include the scalability that would be available to customers using HostGator’s services. Without this blogs or websites that experience rapid growth may have nowhere to go, resulting in stalled progress at a critical point in your sites development. So if you’re looking for scalability, reliability, and other great web hosting features check out HostGator today. This comprehensive web hosting service will have you up and running in no time at all, letting you get back to what you do best.

Hostgator vs Hosting24

Hostgator has been on the hosting business for a long time. Hosting24, however, is a bit new. This is not to say they are not good with their offers but to be sincere, there are limitations at most. There are tones of reasons you should go for with Hostgator as there is still no major competition against it to begin with.

Hostgator vs Hosting24

What people always want is a reliable and flexible hosting service where they can change the way their website behave and maximize usage of all the resources invested on the solutions provided. Many people also want to track the performance of their websites in real-time after they make the said changes.

Hosting24 gives you the ability to create as many sub domains as you wish if you go for the Gold option. That means that basic plans limit you most of the time. You will still have traffic limits though.
Hostgator has flexible offerings including the reseller packages or the basic options. You are allowed to add unlimited sub domains. You also get unlimited data, which is great for video and audio streaming websites.

Hosting24 classes its offerings the same way many hosting providers do. If for example you want to enjoy the best offerings, you have to go with the Gold subscription. However, you will still have speed limits come your way.
Hostgator gives you the option to even begin a hosting service provision yourself. In this case, you can start earning by hosting websites at an additional charge that will eventually reduce the costs of hosting your own website.

In summary, you get better value for money with Hostgator.

Up Time
Hostgator has an average up time of 99.99% which is just ideal for each website. As much as this is hard to be the case with hosting services such as Hosting24, it is an absolute requirement if you want to keep your visitors happy.

Response Time
Hosting24 would do well if they increased their data center capacity. It seems too many accounts are being hosted on a single server and this has led to slow website response times.
Hostgator hosts many mainstream websites and this translates to the great response time such websites have. That is why majority of the top websites will always have better uptime too.
Slow response time may irritate a visitor and this increases the bounce rate from the website. It can be extremely detrimental in the long run, if search engines notice such activity.

Dedicated IP
With Hostgator, you get dedicated IP. If you are a marketing expert, you already know what this means for the website’s success.

Registration of New Domains and Customer Support Experience

Hosting24’s new domain registration process takes 24-48 hours. This is a long time if you value your time. In addition, it may mean that making timely changes may take much longer than you anticipate.
Hosting24’s customer support mostly takes long to respond especially during the weekends.

Hostgator’s customer support provides a live chat for its customers. This is a great incentive and an invaluable one for the customers because that the responses you get are always exactly what you are seeking. It also takes a shorter time to register new domains.

To sum up Hostgator vs Hosting24 contest, Hostgator is undoubtedly the overall winner.

Hostgator vs Justhost

Choosing among the array of options of webhosts for your website can be one tedious task to take on. The huge number of webhosting sites and companies available online without clear-cut differences makes it really tricky to make a wise decision on who to trust with your website’s hosting. Fortunately, though, HostGator and JustHost are two webhosting companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Getting the difference between these two proves to be a tough assignment and that’s why we attempted to compare hosting in both to help you come up with a better ultimate decision.

Hostgator vs Justhost

To begin with, HostGator has been in business since 2002 and has served more than five million domain names for hosting ever since. Its offices and equipment are powered by entirely renewable and green wind energy which makes them a responsible and environmentally friendly option to pick on. This has, as a consequence, made it to constantly rank among the top webhosting companies as well as win a number of consumer awards at a global level.

On the other side, JustHost has been in business since 2007 and it simply comes second to HostGator in terms of experience. JustHost has served a lot of domain names as well but still cannot compare to HostGator mainly due to the 5-years in business difference that favors HostGator. Another thing that counts against JustHost is the fact that they do not entirely depend on green and renewable energy as their source of power and that makes them to be considered environmentally unfriendly.

Considering uptime in HostGator vs JustHost, again HostGator wins, though by a very low margin, with their industry leading 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostGator, in a study to measure daily uptime and time, completely outdid JustHost by continuing to have surprisingly consistent numbers throughout the 30 days of the test.

Control Panel

Both JustHost and HostGator use cPanel, the most popular control panel system in today’s webhosting. cPanel eases the process of installing and toggling extensions and add-ons to your website. The responsiveness of this control panel is incredibly high and it generally makes life easier. On JustHost, one of the downsides to the slower server times is that frequent access to the control panel would be quite slow and some changes would even time out during the editing process. HostGator emerges the winner on this as its server response times were inch-faster than the JustHost system.


Considering plans for hosting in HostGator vs JustHost, there is only one to choose from in HostGator. It requires a $3.75 a month fee and comes with unlimited GB of bandwidth and hosting space. Users of this webhost will also be able to register a one year free domain and get unlimited add-on domains to their websites. The same package from HostGator is a little bit higher starting at a fee of $4.95 a month with the introductory package not including SSL security or unlimited domains, features you could get on JustHow at a cheaper cost. HostGator packages that have the same features as JustHost come at a higher price of up to $9.99 a month.


In terms of value in HostGator vs JustHost, JustHost appears a clear winner, but inconsistent uptimes, less established time and slower response times simply cancels out the value advantage. For now it would be hard trying to dispute the better established environmentally conscious and highest uptime HostGator. Generally, though, the two are ahead of the competition.

Hostgator vs HostNine

Today’s world of information technology is several times different from the old Dark Age. All these changes have come with drastic improvements in the way information flows around with the advent of the internet being one of the major breakthroughs in the last one hundred years. Many business, firms and organizations now rely on websites as the face of their activities. HostGator and HostNine are some of the companies providing diverse webhosting service. Each of their services has specific features that aim at improving the utility and attraction of the services to the customers. While the ultimate decision rests with the client, an objective analysis of the services reigns supreme when you are looking out to find a better option for your needs. So here, we delve into HostGator vs HostNine, their features and the niches they score best.

Hostgator vs HostNine

Finances and services go hand in hand. HostGator provides a fifty percent discount on all of its hosting deals. This not only provides a marketing tool but also instead translates to a win-win situation for both of the partners. The client gets a chance to access high quality services while saving a big junk of the finances.

HostGator further provides a wide range of hosting services. This not only ushers in a sense of variety but also allows clients to customize their service to the specific needs suitable for their situations and prevailing conditions. These hosting services include reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and much more.

Customer assistance is crucial especially in the early stages of migration to a website. This service maintains a constant presence in customer care to help clients with any issues that may arise with their experience of the web. This includes assistance in the preliminary stages of establishing a website, provision of requisite tools for a flawless running, installation of packages and other features necessary for a smooth running. Clients transferring from the previous host are also able to do so more smoothly and conveniently with the team of experts that help in the process of migration.

Human beings love putting all things to test and see if they work out. HostGator provides a free trial to its service for up to forty-five days during which clients can check the functionality, optimality and other features of the platform. The intention of this trial session is to ensure clients are comfortable before sealing the deal. Clients who find the platform below expectations are also free to cancel their deal and get the full return of their funds.

HostnNine provides essentially the same services but at a premium level. Clients get a free domain lasting twelve months whenever they purchase a hosting plan going for the same period. This is definitely a win-win situation for both the firm and the client. This platform further allows clients to choose the location for each of their sites. The data centers of this service are distributed across the US, the UK, Netherlands and Asia, a feature that brings service closer to the client.

Summarily, an insight into the features of HostGator vs. HostNine indicates that both firms are global players in the provision of website hosting services. The best service provider depends on a number of factors among them client preference. However, for persons looking out to find some good service at pocket-friendly prices, HostGator should be the first stop center.

Hostgator vs iPage

Viral online reviews on Hostgator Vs iPage clearly show that Hostgator is the most preferred webhosting company. If you are a serious online marketer, Hostgator is the name that you need to keep in mind always.

The web host offers high quality services. The company will assist you to transfer your scripts, database, files and your domain for free. You need to read online reviews in order to gather more information about the company and its services.

Hostgator vs iPage

Why Online Reviews On Hostgator Vs iPage Favor Hostgator

(a) 99.9% uptime guarantee: This is a proof of excellent hosting services offered to the customer.
(b) Money back guarantee: You get 45 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.
(c) Top notch services: Working with Hostgator will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the best hosting services in the world.
(d) Easy SiteBuilder Tool: A demo version of this application will be provided to you in order to find out if it suits your needs. The application is entirely free and it will help you to design a creative and professional looking website in a matter of few minutes.
(e) All around the clock customer support: The company offers 24/7 customer support. You can therefore contact them any time for help.
(f) Unlimited disk space: You will get unlimited disk space and bandwidth in order to enjoy their services to the fullest.
(g) Affordable services: Hostgator Vs iPage reviews clearly show that many customers are satisfied with the superior and customized services offered by this web host.
(h) Additional services: Hostgator also offers additional services which include Windows hosting, Application hosting, Reseller hosting, domain names, dedicated servers and VPS hosting.
(i) Large amount of templates: Many people prefer using the web host because there are large amount of templates to choose from when building a website.
(j) Ideal payment plans: Satisfied customers prefer working with Hostgator because they can pay monthly, bi-annually, yearly, 2 years or 3 years.
(h) Easy to use: If you are a beginner web builder, you will find the control panel and site builder quite easy to use.
(i) Makes it easy for you to boost the website ranking in search engines: Businesses can register unlimited domain names to boost their ranking in search engines.
(j) High efficiency: You will feel good about the fact that this company has next to no downtime.
(k) The company is environmentally friendly: They are reducing the amount of emissions that pollute the environment. The company is using wind energy to power itself.
(l) Ideal for code writers and programmers: Programmers and code writers can subscribe to Hostgator to develop their own websites.
(m) Elite plan: The elite plan offers SSL, free IP address and free telephone number. Many satisfied customers are happy with the plan.
(n) Reputation: The Company has attracted vast positive reviews from the majority of satisfied customers. You just need to refer to the online reviews to understand all the benefits of working with Hostgator. There is still more beneficial aspects about the company that you need to know.

To summarize, vast online Hostgator Vs iPage reviews show that Hostgator is the web hosting company of choice for many businesses and individuals. The company offers high quality services at the most competitive charges. You have more than a million reasons to work with Hostgator!

Hostgator vs Fatcow

When selecting a web hosting service provider it is important to carry out a thorough side by side comparison. This will make it easy for you to choose the best provider that is more likely to satisfy all the needs you could be having. The following review largely focuses on the differences between HostGator and FatCow web hosting services in terms of; reliability, customer satisfaction rate, features, technical support and hosting prices. From the review it will be clear to see that the benefits of HostGator clearly outweigh those of FatCow.

Hostgator vs Fatcow

Web hosting prices

HostGator provides a wide range of products that include VPS hosting, dedicated and shared web hosting. Among these services, shared web hosting comprises of three packages named Business, Hatchling and Baby that are priced from $4.95 per month. New customers are welcomed with an exclusive discount of 25% by the company when they use the checkout coupon; thereby bring down the price to $3.71 per month. On the other hand, FatCow current promotion places its price at $3.14/mo but its regular price can be as high as $9.5/mo. This definitely gives HostGator the upper hand as far as affordability is concerned.

Uptime and Speed

FatCow and HostGator guarantee a 99.9% uptime, with both of them trying extremely hard to honor the commitment by heavily investing on facility maintenance and the development of sophisticated technologies. However, HostGator seems to be taking its game to a higher level as opposed to FatCow. Lately, HostGator has been enjoying an excellent partnership with SoftLayer and Dell companies which has resulted to an outstanding security system, high performers servers and 24/7 server monitoring on its side. All these ingredients have been very significant in ensuring that all the websites hosted by this server are running more smoothly and consistently than those of FatCow.

Technical support

Both HostGator and FatCow companies allow their customers to gain access to their dedicated human powered support teams through various ways such as email, live chat and phone. Customers are assured of being attended to, whenever they ask for help at any time of the day or night from both companies. Despite this being the case, a credible survey carried out recently indicates that the average waiting time for support from FatCow is around 90 seconds: On the other hand HostGator average response time is less than 50 seconds. Both are quite okay, and professional, but HostGator is still better even when on the basis of technical support.


Considering the benefits of HostGator vs FatCow web hosting companies, it would be honest to conclude that the latter is undoubtedly the better option. This is because it is more reliable, faster and rich in awesome features that cater for all your needs. The verdict is also based on the fact that HostGator has a large customer base after being in business in the last 13 years. FatCow’s seventeen years of business have seen them only managing to host over 30,000 sites. To cut the story short, HostGator is definitely the better company of the two; you need to count to assist you in dealing with all your web hosting issues.

Hostgator vs Namecheap

Namecheap and Hostgator are renowned web hosting companies. In our postmodern, internet driven and cyber-technical world, nearly every company is engaged in efforts to stand out and have a widespread presence. Same thing applies to the mentioned web hosting companies. Both provide excellent,high quality web hosting services, but in order to clearly establish which of the two deserves the coveted award of the best web hosting company, comprehensive and detailed examination on Hostgator vs Namecheap is necessary. Every customer deserves such information in order to clearly make intelligent decisions when it comes to web hosting.

Hostgator vs Namecheap

Pricing and packages

Namecheap brings with it 4 web hosting plans. Value, the cheapest plan costs $3.98/month. Coming pretty close is the Professional plan which goes for $7.98/month. Both Ultimate and Business SSD plans go for $13.98 and $19.98 respectively.

On the other hand, Hostgator, prominent for affordable web hosting, boasts of three plans: Hatchling, Baby and Business. Hatchling retails at $4.95/month while both Baby and Business plans go for $9.95/month and $14.95/month. They actually have their cheapest plan going for as low as $3.71/month. This is 25% off the initial price. It’s available when one applies for the coupon code BWH25 percent. Furthermore, you will also have access to free templates, scripts and complete Google AdWords credits.

Although both services seem affordable, it’s pretty clear Hostgator is way too cheaper and comprises additional services and freebies.


In an effort to optimize their performances, both companies have highly invested in infastructure and systems. Hostgator, for instance, can route all customers’ information all over the world through its extra 23 data centers. This has been made possible through the CloudFlare content delivery service.

On the hand, Namecheap has data centers situated in both UK and US. Both are adequately equipped to offer excellent services. It boasts of CloudLinux, a service that provides its esteemed users a software platform,stable and resilient, to aid in network uptime and enhance loading speed.

However, most Namecheap users have cited slower loading speeds attributed to prolonged server response time. Statistics indicate, for the last 30 days, an average of 99.9% network uptime and 338ms when it comes to page loading time for Hostgator.

Inconveniences experienced with Namecheap have been key to making Hostgator stand out as the premier convenient web hosting company.What’s more? You can easily guess now.


Despite both companies having certain features in common, a closer look at few other aspects clearly distinguishes them. Nearly all Hostgator packages come with unlimited domains, email accounts, MySQL databases and FTP accounts.

Hostgator managed plans come with 4.500 free website templates and site builder software, cPanel, MySQL transfer, domain transfer and 52 scripts.

A closer comparison of Hostgator vs Namecheap cheapest plans, for instance, indicates Namecheap has limited disk space, at 25GB, compared to Hostgator which has unlimited disk space. The email addresses and MySQL databases are unlimited too.

PostgreSQL, PHP 5, ruby on rails, perl, FTP Access are all enabled, compared to Namecheap which only has PHP 5 amd FTP access enabled.

Well,as we have observed, Hostgator has more additional features, freebies and an array of consumer friendly packages. Not only does this make them outstanding, but also more attractive to the customers.

Technical support

Namecheap has been known to offer customer support services via two ways only: email and chat. It’s sort of disappointing to note that there are no-free calls with Namecheap. Nevertheless, they still offer self support channels such as how to videos, knowledgebase and also community forums.

On the other hand, hostgator has scooped several awards for the best technical support. With a diverse range of ways to access support- chat, email, phone; and additional helpful resources like community forums, billing systems, video tutorials and many others, its undeniable that customers experience excellent services and have close to nothing to complain about.


Observing the above comprehensive analysis on Hostgator vs Namecheap, it’s indeed evident that Hostgator offers more cost-effective, friendly and extra services compared to Namecheap.

Reviews obtained from popular sites such as indicate namecheap has only managed to gather a mere 2 out of 5 rating.

DailyHostNews, WordPress and Joomla have all recognized Hostgator and awarded it as the best web hosting .With a 97% customer satisfaction rate, it’s crystal clear Hostgator makes the premier web hosting company.